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Hotline is a focused PR agency providing services to different Government and Private sector Organizations since February 2000, which serves two basic purposes of PR to its clients: positive image building of a company and controlling damage or bad press.

Professional PR Management is where the key lies; it is the most economical way to reach your target audience in masses, it stimulates awareness of, and the demand for your company's products or services. It is well proven fact that because of its neutrality PR creates more credibility than traditional advertising. Furthermore, PR gives you an advantage over your competitors that are not utilizing PR effectively, hence giving your company a "sustainable and strategic competitive advantage".

Only Press Releases are not enough to achieve the desired results in terms of PR, instead Exclusive Stories, Interviews, Meetings, Independent news items, Reports, Articles are the tools that we have found best to turn around the Image of any organizations.

With the best media relations department in the country, we can manage all the media assignments ranging from press releases to exclusive meetings, interviews and articles across Pakistan. We proudly claim that we make relationships and not just clients mainly due to our capabilities of delivering the required services to our clients and timely execution of the agreed PR strategy.

A well run public relations program carries with it multiple benefits that can have a significant impact that is greater than traditional marketing or advertising vehicles. Therefore, if PR is not a part of your marketing program, it may be time to consider and implement a public relations campaign to complement your existing marketing plan.