Chairman Projects

Zulfiqar Ahmed Rahat is the chairperson of the Pakistan Journalist Foundation (PJF), which is Pakistan's biggest journalist platform that provides grooming and training to budding journalists through various seminars; it coordinates between world governments and works for the welfare of journalists. Zulfiqar Ahmad Rahat is Chairman of Hotline Media Group (HMG) which includes several subsidiary companies ABC Certified Daily Hotline (LHR, ISL, KCH), Daily Zaman e Pakistan, Hotline Publishers, Hotline Marketing ‘Hotline TV and Hotline News Network (News Agency) and Hotline Consultants. Daily Hotline is registered with thirteen significant cities across Pakistan.

Daily Hotline is published from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. It is ABC certified and member of APNS and CPNE. Daily Hotline has dedicated and comprehensive network, with a credible and professional team equipped with latest technology to disseminate the latest news and development across the length and breadth of Pakistan. The Hotline Media Group is on the path to be listed as one of the top media groups in the country. The Hotline TV which is, thus far, limited to social media channels such as YouTube but will soon be launched as a satellite TV.

Hotline Media Group is Pakistan's most unique platform as it brings the latest news from the country's furthest corners and provides info to eminent personnel in national and international media. It is also a platform that prints and publishes high-quality books and provides Hotline Marketing for various sectors. Rahat believes in speaking the truth in a world where fabrication and censorship run rampant, regardless of the repercussions. Hence, on many occasions, he has paid the price.

In twenty-four years of struggle, he earned tremendous experience in the world of media. Through his decades long career, Zulfiqar Ahmed Rahat has held high positions in various platforms such as APNS and CPNE, through which he highlighted several issues and discussed current affairs. Zulfiqar Ahmed Rahat is a decorated political analyst, columnist, and anchorperson who has exceptional experience grooming and guiding the youth through motivational speeches